Saturday, August 1, 2015

Today's Catch

Caught 32 mullet today.  I was using a 9 ft brail cast net, while wading.  

Renae and I went to Ft. Pickens and fished on the Sound side.  The wind was blowing from the north about 5-6 mph, the tide was high, and the surface was choppy.  Needless to say, the conditions were rough.

I was wading over waste deep, and the waves were coming over my shoulders, and throwing into the wind was next to impossible.

However, there were SO MANY FISH SWARMING IN SCHOOLS that it was hard to miss.

After we got home, we cleaned all 32 fish.  I filleted them and Renae skinned them. 

Dang!  She is dangerous with a sharp knife!

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