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5 Things to Stop Doing in Your 60s

 5 Things to Stop Doing in Your 60s

1.  Stop spending time with people who drain you.  Emotional vampires are real.  Spend time with those who uplift you.  If you hang out with someone and you feel worse afterwards, it’s okay to cut the cord.  Life is too short to be encumbered by unhealthy relationships.

2.  Stop taking time for granted.  I’ll be blunt, you’re running out of time.  Life expectancy is about 80 years.  Some people live a few years more, some a few years less.  In your 60s you’ve got about 20 years left.  Ten of those years are likely to be marked with declining health.  So what are you waiting for?

3.  Stop compromising your health to do other things.  Your health should be the #1 priority at this stage.  It’s not worth it to work long hours or extra years if your health is suffering. Or you can get so busy doing things for other people that you neglect yourself.  Stop dwindling your resources (time, money, energy, emotional strength, etc), on other people and things.  Yes, we should help others, but you should prioritize yourself on the list of things to do.  Stop putting yourself last.  Take care of yourself first.

4.  Stop living with regret.  If you’re in your 60s you have a lot of life behind you.  Six decades worth, which is plenty of time to have made a lot of mistakes.  We all have.  We all have things we wish we’d done differently, but that’s all in the past now. It’s time for you to let go. It’s time to live in the present.  The future is not guaranteed to any of us, so forgive yourself and live for the present.

5.  Stop feeling obligated to travel.  Travel is fun.  I’ve done a lot of it.  We get to see new places and experience new things.  But in many ways it’s overrated (unless you’re going someplace you love).  As we get older, long road trips, long flights, layovers, and dragging luggage through an airport are exhausting.  Our tolerance for those things diminishes.  Besides, it can be very expensive.  Just because everyone assumes you should be traveling in your senior years doesn’t mean you have to.  There are other options.  There’s a difference between spending money and wasting it.  Travel if you like, but be value-conscious.


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