Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Benefits of Belonging to a Growing Church

Did You Know? The median size church in America has 75 participants in worship on Sunday morning (according to the National Congregational Study). 50% of Americans who attend church are active in the top 10% largest churches, (churches 350 or larger). There is a reason why growing churches are growing… they offer benefits you can’t get elsewhere. Here's my insight:

  • A growing church can reach certain people that smaller churches cannot.
  • Growing churches are growing because lives are really being changed, attracting more people.
  • Growing churches are mission-driven rather than inwardly focused.
  • They offer multiple points of entry.
  • They can sponser ministry seven days a week!
  • A growing church can minister to its members at different stages of need by offering specialized ministries.
  • A growing church offers high quality programming to its members.
  • A growing church has more financial resources for outreach - making a noticable contribution to evangelism.
  • A growing church offers quality teaching – from a team of gifted teachers.
  • A growing church offers more opportunities to make friends, develop deep friendships, and experience Biblical fellowship simply because there are more people to choose from.
  • Large churches are warm and friendly.
  • Growing churches provide a lift for smaller churches in the surrounding area.

It's not just the size of a church that matters, it's the spirit that matters most. It is loving, friendly, positive, upbeat, and accepting. The services are exciting, the presence of God in sensed in the place, and people feel deeply that their pastor and congregation love them.

Look around you. The religious landscape is dotted with thousands of gothic, steepled-topped, cathedral-like edifices that are empty on the inside... while down the street churches that meet in storefronts or movie theaters are packing-them-in with the love of Jesus.

There is a reason why growing churches are growing....