Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Debrief...

In spite of it being a holiday weekend and tornado warnings in effect, we had good attendance today. The worship was exceptional. Alex did a great job on the violin. The singers were on-pitch and in strong-voice. Lots of new faces; something we experience each Sunday at PCC and never take for granted.

The morning message was timely. Today's subject was "Working It Out & Being Poured Out" based upon Philippians 2:12-18.

Three (3) people committed their lives to Christ.

One lady (a second-time guest) wrote this testimony: "I've been hoping to find a church where I could grow and be nurtured in my spiritual walk. I think I have found the right church."

Another person said, "After hearing today's message I now know what it means to be fed."

Let's take an inventory: Three people got saved (evangelism). Others are being fed and nurtured (discipleship). There was vertically-focused music & adoration (worship). Dozens of volunteers were at their post of duty serving cheerfully (service). And there was a great sense of community in the house (fellowship). Who would have ever thought you could fire on all eight cylinders at the same time! Guess we hit a home run today.

As I drove onto the PCC campus this morning with tornado warnings threatening to keep people away, my heart overflowed with gratitute. I kept thinking what a privilege it is to have served God for the last decade in this place.

I was not disappointed once I walked inside.