Monday, February 18, 2008

What I'm Thankful For....

My wife, Renae. Took her to the high school prom. Held hands a couple of years. Married her. Been married twenty-seven years.

My mother. Wouldn’t be here without her. She prayed for me when I was lost, running from God. Now I serve God.

My two sons. They make me proud.

The U.S. Army. They taught me leadership. They taught me that I can always accomplish more than what my mind tells me I can do.

My small group. I like hanging out with the guys. I like talking Bible stuff with them. We’re doing the spiritual journey together.

My three dogs, Jack Russell Terriers to be exact. The never get mad at me, criticize me, or talk about me behind my back. I hug them and they hug back.

The Bible. It has completely shaped my values and world-view.

Other pastors, especially church planters. Nobody, but nobody understands the work of a church-planting pastor like that of another church-planting pastor. I spend time with other pastors and what it does for me is beyond description.

Jesus Christ. For salvation. To be called. To be a part of His movement.