Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why I am a Pastor

I became a believer at twenty-four. Within six months I was volunteering for anthing I could in my church. Within one year I was teaching. Here it is two decades later - and then some - and I still love the work.

Here's why:

1. This is what I was created to do.

2. My life has greater meaning when I see others given hope through the teaching of God’s Word.

3. It is an honor when someone calls me their pastor.

4. I am investing my life in something that will out-live and out-last me.

5. I am responsible to God for the people He has given me to shepherd.

6. I want to join Christ in His work.

7. I love the challenges of leadership.

8. It forces me to grow as a person.

9. God uses me.

10. The office of pastor is a God-ordained office.