Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday debrief..

Holy Smokes! Where do I start?

This is been one of the busiest weeks of my life, and one of the craziest weekends ever!

The Good Friday Communion service was very cool. I loved the laid-back mood without all the pressure we typically feel with a Sunday service

The Easter Egg Hunt & Spring Fest for the kids on Saturday was awesome

Today was one of the most incredible days in our church’s ten-year history. The parking-lot was jammed full with cars. The parking shuttle team provided an invaluable service for those facing a long walk – and they drove their carts “enthusiastically.”

I think about twelve people committed to Christ. Our weekend total attendance was 1231.

The band, singers, and musicians were insane!. I mean the singers brought the house down – and the musicians, oh man, they provided the perfect platform for the singers to exalt Christ in a God-honoring way

The sound and projection teams were on-target today making it so easy for everyone in the congregation to follow along and keep up. Great job guys

The ushers never missed a beat. It looked good to see all of them on duty on the same day

Hospitality “took it up a notch” and made a good “first impression.” The refreshment display was impressive

And the kids ministry – you talk about doing a “jam up” job – they pulled it off with the “Easter Path.”

The nursery was staffed by trained, competent workers who provided a clean, safe environment for the babies freeing up the parents to be in the adult service. Thank you for your sacrifice so that others could attend. Your efforts do not go unnoticed

The landscaped grounds are beautiful because of your hard work

One lady in our church takes care of the large flowerpots at the front doors – beautifying our entrance. This unnamed servant strives for a standard of excellence and it shows

I almost fell out today!!!!

I am so proud of our staff, ministry leaders, and volunteer workers. They have worked so hard the last couple of weeks and it showed this weekend. If you are part of the PCC family, take some time this week to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts

I am shocked at how little stress there has been in the last few weeks – even this weekend. There really is a feeling of newness right now that confirms we are entering a new season at PCC. There are so many faithful, loyal, dedicated people in this church family... they love their pastor, their church, and their ministry. Most importantly, they love God and serve Him like they do.

PCC volunteers, ministry leaders, and staff. What can I say? I could not be more proud of a group of people than I am of you

Later this week (about Wed) we'll have pictures

I think we are becoming a "destination church." i.e., the kind of church that people will drive long distances to attend.