Thursday, April 17, 2008

How We Evaluate Programs & Personnel

Some of you may like to know IF or HOW we evaluate our ministries, programs, and personnel around here. Yes, this IS something we do. It's not always easy. Sometimes we have to make a hard decision. The following is an excerpt from our in-house evaluation policy:


1. Review - We review all programs, ministries, groups, and leaders to determine their effectiveness and contribution to the overall mission and health of PCC.

2. Refine & Reaffirm - Programs, ministries and leaders that are found to be effective and make a significant contribution to the overall mission of PCC will be refined (improved) through structural changes and personnel changes. They will be reaffirmed by being allowed to continue for another specified period of time.

3. Replace or Remove – Programs and ministries found to be ineffective, costly, or producing limited results will be shut down and replaced (if necessary) with a newer idea. Ineffective leaders will be removed.

We Look for MEASURABLE RESULTS – Not Mere Activity:

It’s easy to fall into a rhythm of mere activity and just staying busy in the ministry. Being fully dedicated to a specific ministry, working more hours, and engaging in more activity does not mean more results. Being in the ministry is about being fruitful and producing results; results that can be measured.

The reason for evaluating ministry programs and personnel is to ensure the best possible quality of the services we provide, to practice good stewardship of limited resources, and to ascertain which ministries the Holy Spirit is leading us to continue.
In closing...

There you have it. That's what we do. Always have.

I am ruthless in this procedure - and sometimes it makes me the "mean guy." But I do it anyway. Know why? Because I believe that every person who contributes their finances to PCC, does so with the EXPECTATION that the leaders of this church are good stewards, will hold staff and ministry leaders accountable, and that we always strive for a standard of excellence in all we do. And that is EXACTLY what we do around here.

Furthermore, it is what GOD expects from us.