Thursday, June 12, 2008

Choosing Team Members

Here's how you you build good teams - by choosing good team members.

1. Are they a GOOD FIT?
This mean relationally and personality-wise. How well do they fit in with the other team members? It also includes their gift-mix. Do they have the gifts, talents, or ability for the task? What about philosophy – are there philosophical differences about mission, direction, doctrine, and authority?

2. Are they a RAVING FAN of PCC & ITS MISSION?
We are looking for people who enthusiastically love their church and support its mission with passion. We operate at a fast pace around here and we don’t have the time to invest in people who are reluctant to get “on board.” In fact, it is a waste of our time to do so. Therefore, we need people in leadership and in key positions who are already on board and hold high esteem for one another. These are the people we can trust. These are the people we can empower and release. These are the ones who are entrusted with authority.

3. Are they LOYAL?
Loyalty means faithfulness or devotion to a person or to a cause. Using Biblical language, it means faithfulness.What does a loyal team member look like? This is a person who will stand up for the vision of our church or will stand up for me (or any other member) when someone is slamming the vision, criticizing the leaders, or sowing discord among the brethren. They will take the arrows, absorb the heat, and are willing to be criticized for the sake of others.When I see someone who does not talk out of both sides of their mouth, who says the same thing out in the open as they say behind a closed door, then I know I’m looking at a loyal person.Nothing energizes me more than when I walk into a room that is full of people that I know are loyal to me and to each other. This is empowering, energizing, edifying, and uplifting. It fuels creativity and innovation. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (PROVERBS 27:17).