Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Vacation

Remember National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series? Chevy Chase portrayed a fictional character named Clark Griswold. He was a proud, loyal, lovable, middleclass family man who attempts to bring his family together during vacation. He is extremely clumsy and accident prone and seems susceptible to attractive women, despite being devoted to his wife. The hapless, bumbling ways in which he executes his plans are good cause for laughter.

Though it has been a long time since Renae and I, along with the boys, have been on a family vacation together, the similarities between ours and the Griswold’s are uncanny. For example, when we go on vacation together:

  • We're going to see everything, even if it kills us.

  • We always have several close calls on the highway.

  • We stay lost more than found.

  • My two boys can't stand each other when they are cooped up together in a car.

  • I am often at the center of the laughs… and the drama.

  • I always seem to get injured somehow.

  • Some babe in a red sports car is sure to wave at me and then my wife gets angry – like it was my fault.

  • I need a vacation to get over vacation.

  • What happens on vacation stays on vacation.