Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Scoop

Okay. Here’s the scoop on Sunday.

When I walked into the sanctuary (just before service as the countdown was concluding) I could feel the electricity in the air! The room was packed! People were seated in their chairs talking with their neighbors, laughing, and just waiting for service to begin. The anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Something unusual and new was hanging in the air.

Our services featured several components which added a lot of interest & variety. We showed two video clips - one as part of the sermon, the other at the close as part of the commitment time. Attendance was way up. Dozens of visitors. The band knocked it out of the park. Hospitality, children, ushers, teens, every team served with excellence.

Then there were the classic cars. Did you see them? What a "dad-magnet" they were.

Here are some testimonies turned in last Sunday:

  • “Just moved to the area and was told to visit your church by friends.”

  • “Please add me to any e-mail and newsletters. Will be checking out your blog.”

  • “Praise God, after 11 months I finally closed on my house in Jacksonville. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

  • “I am committing my life to Christ.”

  • “Loved the singing. Loved the sermon. May God continue to bless you and your family and your ongoing efforts to build God’s family of believers.”

  • “A beautiful service – we have been truly blessed. We now have a church home. What a blessing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

  • “We have been visiting your church and are praying about where God wants us. Please join us in prayer.”

  • “I saw the sign when I drove by and came on my own. What a wonderful church.”

Theses are the kinds of comments we get every single week. That’s why I would attend PCC even if I were not the pastor – it’s such a great church – and our church family makes it happen.

There was a lady (in her 30’s) and her teenage daughter in service with us Sunday – and they had never been to church in their entire life! Yet the very first church they visit is PCC! Tell me God isn’t doing something through the ministry of this church.

Our giving was strong too. In fact, in the last three months our giving has been as strong as it has ever been.

I am completely blown away by the “wave” that is washing over PCC right now. Attendance is up. Commitments are up. Volunteerism is up. Giving is up. Support is up. Loyalty is up. And harmony is up. What’s not to like about that? I mean, if ain’t broke don’t fix it.

LET ME BE FRANK AND HONEST HERE - PCC has never been healthier, happier, and more harmonious than we are right now! We have never seen the measure of results (in the past) like we are seeing right now! Now I know why……… When a vine is pruned it is a painful procedure. But God does it for a reason – so it might BEAR MORE FRUIT (John 15:2). Our church has been through a season of pruning, but now we are in the season of bearing more fruit.

You know you have a church that is fruitful & blessed of God when you have a growing staff, growing leaders, growing ministry teams, and growing members. The people at PCC right now GET IT!

I think we are about to experience a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.