Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Summer

This summer is going to be exciting at PCC. A lot is already happening, and a lot more is GOING to happen.

1. Just finished up Dad-Fest. Great success.

2. Currently in the middle of Vacation Bible School. Started last night. I counted about 130 people last night - mostly kids. Whow! And the VBS team ROCKS! You should have seen it last night - what they have been able to put together is simply amazing.

3. Next Sunday ALL the kids will be singing in the morning service.

4. June 29 is baptism Sunday. Looks like we're going to be baptizing about 50 (plus) people.

5. Bible Classes - "Foundations" - will start the first week of July. Lasts for six weeks. Topics are: The Second Coming... Good & Evil.... The Bible. Sure to be informative and insightful.

6. New sign arrives the first week of July.

7. Lighting upgrade in sancturary in July.

8. Teen Camp - July 28 - Aug 1 - Lookout Mountain Georgia.

9. August - Family Round-up

10. August - Small Group Rally