Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not a Good Night to Be An Atheist

If you are a baseball fan then you watched Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers set a new single round record with 28 homers in the first round of Home Run Derby.

Much more amazing is Josh Hamilton's story of how God saved him from a life of drugs and alcohol that almost ruined him. He said, "When I get the urge to have a drink or do something I'm not supposed to do, I think about what a hypocrite I would be to my Christianity and my sobriety."

He continued, "My wife told me in the midst of my addiction that God was going to let me get back to baseball." Then Josh Hamilton added, "Being able to share my story, that's what it's all about." If you want to read more about his story here is one version in the
Dallas News.

My favorite line of the night was from one of the ESPN announcers while Hamilton was clobbering homer after homer out of Yankee Stadium, "It's not a good night to be an atheist."