Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Amazing Teen Department

I’ve just got to say we have an amazing youth department right now at PCC. Attendance among youth & teens is higher right now than it has been in our entire ten-year history – both on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights!

For instance, on Sunday morning more and more young people are attending our adult service as well as the teen classes provided for them. These two events combined add up to an off-the-chart attendance! There is something about our weekend services that has a strong attraction for young people – which is something I am very pleased about.

On Wednesday nights, we offer a youth service designed especially for teens. While attendance on Wednesday night is lower than Sunday, it also maintains a higher attendance (for a non-Sunday event) than it has ever been in our ten-year history.

Of course, good things are happening in the LIVES of our young people right now too. Many have made commitments to Jesus Christ for salvation. I recently baptized several of our teenagers. Through solid Biblical teaching, they are growing in the knowledge of God’s Word. Others are committing to deeper life, service, and purity. Fellowship is strong among our teenagers as new friendships are being forged and deeper relationships developed – all in a godly atmosphere of Christ-likeness. Enthusiasm is high and there is a certain buzz in the house. Even some of the parents are reporting the changes in their children – and you know that has got to be a miracle in itself!


1. God is moving. “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it” (Psalms 127:1). Does that need any elaboration?

2. We have entered a new season with spiritual fruit being produced by the Holy Spirit.

3. Effective leadership at the top. Renae is absolutely a natural at this and the teen department reflects it. Successful ministries or unsuccessful ministries are always a reflection of its leadership. Always.

4. The “right” ministry team who makes it all happen. There is a group of people right now who form the leadership team for our teen ministry. I’ve got to say that this group is one of the best teams I have seen at PCC in a very long time. i.e., They work tirelessly at anything and everything that needs to be done. They chip in their time, effort, and money. They are cooperative with each other and with their leaders. They like each other and are friends. They are raving fans of PCC, its mission, and are absolutely loyal. Plus, they don’t see teen ministry as a “stepping stone” to something else - they love what they do. Having the "right" ministry team is essential to success. Always.

5. A family atmosphere. It’s amazing to see the diversity of age-groups in this teen ministry. We have middle school aged kids, high school kids, graduates, and parents. You would think the kids would not like the adults hanging around, but just the opposite. They love it!

6. Exceptional teaching and teachers.. Your mouth would hang open if you heard these first-class Bible teachers. Not only are they skillful in the word, rightly dividing the truth, but their topics are relevant and practical for teenagers.

If you know a teenager who could benefit from a program like this, tell them about PCC. Big things are happening.