Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Factoids

Today is our anniversary. Renae and I have been married twenty-seven years. Glad she has kept me around that long.

We’re going to leave work early today and spend the night away.

Jonathan, my oldest son, is now engaged. Happened last week. Wedding is planned for next May.

Yesterday was an anniversary for my mother too – twelve years as a cancer survivor.

I’m looking for a new bicycle.

The offices and building are filled with volunteers right now. They are folding and stuffing bulletins, cleaning, helping with administrative stuff. Really neat people. I like Friday’s at the office because of that.

My blog has almost 18,000 hits in just seven months. It will go over 20,000 soon. That blows my mind!

Some things I have learned about church systems:

  • A church building speaks. What is ours saying?
  • If church leaders don’t hold people accountable to their commitments, God will hold church leaders accountable.
  • I can’t pastor PCC using the same skills from five years ago.
  • Pastoral ministry is about “investing” – investing in people and the church investing in me.
  • Long-term relational-investments in people’s lives produce a stable and deep relationship between the pastor and congregation

Who reads my blog?

  • The good people of PCC
  • People in our community
  • Friends who live in central Florida
  • About 14-16 pastors (most from out-of-town)
  • A few critics who are fixated on me and can’t let go

Please view the Cardboard Testimony below. It is amazing.

For now, I’m outa here.