Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Links - Guys on My Radar

I have added several new links to the left sidebar of this blog. They are church-planting pastors, like myself, who understand the challenges of church planting and sacrificial living.

A few of these guys stretch me. A couple others test me and make me bristle from time-to-time. I enjoy what they have to say most of the time, and sometimes I'm not so sure. But they are tried-and-true church-planting pastors who have earned the right to be heard.

One thing I share with them is affinity. They actually have something to say about the real-world of pastoring and ministry. They've learned it in the trenches - not just something they learned in a book and parrot.

There are about ten others that I'm conisder adding.

It's a big world out there.... a big church world.... a big kingdom of God... and God is doing a lot more than just what you see in our community (or even in our own church for that matter). We truly are a part of something much bigger than we are.

Log on and check them out. Once you get to their sites, they have links to pages that will take you to others, or to their own churches. Beyond that, I'm not responsible for what you read.

A few of these guys are my on-line buddies.