Friday, September 26, 2008

Is Anyone Going to Heaven Because of You?

Can you imagine the courage it takes to walk into a church for the first time? Or the first time in twenty years? What is it like to for an unchurched person to walk into a room full of strangers to explore a God that they are not even sure is there? Think about that for a moment.

I feel that very tension every Sunday because I know there are people who have just walked through our doors who have not been in a church for decades. Or perhaps, they have shown up deciding to give God just one more try. This is why it is absolutely essential that we put a guard on our lips and be very, very careful that we don’t hinder God’s work in their life; because we can “quench a smoking flax.”

I assure you, if you spend a great deal of time investing yourself into the life of a person who is far from God, and you finally succeed in getting that person to church for the first time, you will be PRAYING TO GOD that your church gets it right.

This Sunday’s message will be “Is Anyone Going to Heaven Because of You?

Let’s get serious about the spiritual destiny of our family members.

PS - Even if the sermon bombs out, the weather is going to be gorgeous. So it will be a great day to be in church. Hope you see you there!