Friday, October 24, 2008

Exciting Things Ahead

Okay, I am super-charged right now. There are some big-time plans on the drawing board and I am stoked. Here’s a peek:

This Sunday’s sermon is entitled “How to Last in the Christian Life.” You will NOT want to miss this. It will be informative, hard-hitting, inspirational, and most of all – God honoring and helpful to you.

Gene Tharp will be preaching for me in November – one or two Sundays.

Blogging next week - I have pre-written a few posts for my blog to get ahead of the curve. Next week you will want to log-on for sure. I have one or two where I’m going to just speak my mind and tell it like it is - no sugar-coating. A couple of more will be devotional in nature. Still a couple more will be about politics and the presidential race. For the record, I’m going to ramp up the edge to my postings. I think I have gotten too wimpy lately. That’s not me. I am not Joel Osteen.
If you can’t hack it, don’t log on.

We are planning a holiday initiative called “Signs of Life” which will likely begin about the week of Thanksgiving and go up to Christmas. In this series we will be showcasing our ministries and the results they have produced – changed lives. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). The “signs” of that life are “changed lives.” We want to show you those people. There are so many stories in our church family of God’s redeeming power that will knock your socks off. We will be having testimonies, video clips of our baptismal services, and more video clips of life-change. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE SUNDAY! This will be one of the most moving, heart-felt, efforts we have ever attempted.

Exciting Sundays are ahead… during the holidays.

Pace Community Church is such an awesome church. I would attend this church even if I were not on staff.

I would like to have a MENS BREAKFAST one Saturday morning soon, during November. Are you interested? Let me know.

Last Wednesday night we had a record-breaking attendance in youth group. BTW, the boy-to-girl ratio is two-to-one (more boys than girls). I think this is a direct result of the father & male participation we have. It’s never been better.

Next Wednesday - Bonfire and hay ride for kids and youth.

PCC is needing a pastor/overseer of discipleship & spiritual maturity. This person would be an overseer of our Small Groups, Foundation Classes, Seminar 201, etc., and would be empowered to develop, organize, and implement discipleship initiatives for PCC. This will happen in 2009.

There are some people in our church family right now who are SUFFERING in a MAJOR WAY. It is heartbreaking to me. The enormity of pain and volume of people is overwhelming. We have people with dying children, others with life-threatening diseases, still others with children who announced they are gay, those in trouble with the law, dying parents, loved ones in Iraq, troubled teenagers, add infitim. It is overwhelming. Your church family needs your help.

Our ministry leadership team will be expanded in 2009 – something I am very excited about.