Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presidential Politics

When providing coverage on both sides of the Presidential race, it seem like the media is focusing more on petty issues, drawing our attention away from the real issues.

Here’s what I’m interested in:

Foreign Policy - We really do live in a global village today. In other words, what happens on the other side of the world affects us here. Then there is world-hostility against America. What is foreign policy going to look like over the next four years? Will it have muscle, or will it be passive?

The Economy - Who is going to turn this around? Where are the jobs going to come from? How?

Mortgage Crisis - Ten million homes sit on the brink of foreclosure because banks lowered the lending standards – providing mortgages to people who could not afford to repay. All of this under the supervision of Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac.

Spreading the Wealth Around – Does that mean that the goverment is going to take more from me and give it to others? Does it mean that successful people will be penalized for their success by having their "wealth" taken from them and then "spread around?"
I don't want the government establishing a "ceiling" for me, defining how high I am allowed to prosper upwardly before they swoop in and take it from me and give it to somone else. That kills incentive and free enterprise. It kills the entrepreneurial spirit of people who are self-motivated.

Raising Taxes – I’m glad to pay my share, and feel like I already pay enough. But I don’t want to pay more when so many others are exempt. Instead of spreading the wealth around, I think they should “spread the tax burden around” – from top to bottom. The middle class is already being crushed under the weight of taxation. Enough is enough. How about a flat tax for everyone – the poor, middle class, rich, and businesses. Equal sacrifice for everyone - say 10% - would be a good plan.

Inventory Taxes - I used to own a small business. I did well. The incentive was there - the more I worked the more money I made. It kept me highly motivated. I could wake up on a Monday and say, "I would like to earn an extra one-thousand dollars this week" and could do it! Nothing was holding be back except myself. I was earning my way, enjoyed the work, and enjoyed the fruit of my labor. But then I got introduced to something called "inventory taxes." Not only did I have to pay taxes on the business income and my personal income taxes, but the government also taxed every piece of equipment I used in the business. Everything from computers, to office equipment, office space, my car, to whatever. Anything that was in the "inventory" of equipment, I had to pay taxes on it. It was TRIPLE taxation for me. It was a killer. I'd like to see that go away.

Supreme Court Bench – Several of the Justices are in their 70’s & 80s and are likely to retire during the next four years, meaning the next President will make the appointments. What will such a Bench look like? Liberal or conservative? Will they view the Constitution as a “mandate” issued by our forefathers to be preserved and enforced, or will they see it as a “living document” to be changed as we go along. "Special Interest" groups and activist judges could change the legal and moral landscape for decades to come.

Abortion. No one is really talking about this. It’s still a big issue to me. More importantly, it’s a big issue to God. He still hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16-17).

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34 (KJV)