Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Five

1. This Sunday’s message is, “Praying for an Impossible Situation.” You will be encouraged and your faith inspired. I know many of you are facing impossible situations in your life right now, but with God all things are possible.

2. Your church staff & creative team are planning a new initiative called “Signs of Life.” This is entirely an in house initiative all our own and is sure to be one of the most moving efforts we have ever attempted. It is slated to begin the week after Thanksgiving and conclude the last Sunday before Christmas. More details about this later. It’s going to be awesome!

3. The church calendar is hot right now. There is so much going on at PCC that anyone and everyone can find something to plug-in to. There’s no reason for anyone to be left out… unless they simply want to. Be sure to check our church website, the Sunday bulletin, and my blog for information. We have small groups, bible studies, volunteer opportunities, one-day events, and activities for kids, teens, picnics, date-night out, lock-ins, marriage encounter, college, seminars, etc, etc. It’s all there for you to pick and choose from.

4. I’m thinking about starting a new ministry at PCC called Leadership Summit. In this gathering we would be training and developing new leaders at PCC, installing and ordaining leaders, and commissioning lay pastors. We would meet on a Sunday night, bi-monthly, for a large group gathering to hear an inspirational talk about vision, direction, and personal leadership development. Then we would have breakout time with respective ministry leaders.

5. Pace Community Church is awesome…. And it is a joy to be part of the team!