Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning Memo

  • Okay. I was way too tired yesterday to post a Sunday Debrief. I slept ten hours last night. In fact, most Sundays are physically and emotionally draining for me. I am usually tapped out when the day is over. I feel much better today. Ready to charge another hill.

  • It is very exciting to see so many guests visit our Sunday services each week that they fill up entire rows at a time! For instance, yesterday there was no fewer than thirty guests… and as I look across the room they are taking up entire rows of seating. Amazing.

  • What is it about our church that causes the members to be so active and dedicated to inviting their friends/family members to Sunday services with them? Do they have a concern for the lost? Are they passionate about evangelism? Are they proud of their church? Perhaps they love God enough to actually get off their discipleship? Or is it a little bit of all these things? Whatever the reason, we grow because our members invite others.

  • Last Wednesday night for there was easily more that 100 people at the cookout.

  • Is anyone else enjoying this weather?

  • Check back, I plan to be very active on my blog this week.