Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Prodigals are Returning to PCC

It is a fact of church life that people leave. People come and go on a regular basis and the reasons are myriad. Many of these departures are godly and honorable. They are handled in a manner in which it is easy to bless people as they leave, wishing them the best in their new endeavor. On the other hand, it is always painful to see good people leave a church because they have been misled or got caught up in some junk; these people are the causalities.

PCC has had a few people leave under those circumstances as well. These casualities came under the influence of some real sour-pusses who messed with their minds. Of those who have left, many of them don’t even attend church anywhere now, and some have even stopped claiming to be Christians (which saddens me). This is the fruit of those who led them astray, and should be sufficient evidence to demonstrate that not everyone who claims to be a spiritual leader…. is.

Thankfully, others have matured in their faith, seen the truth, and are returning to our church family. They respect godly leadership and are a blessing to me and PCC because of their humility and teachable disposition. It has been good to see them in church again - where they belong.

I look forward to shepherding them again.

I look forward to more of them returning… tell them they may.