Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Teen Ministry - Update

Right now we have the best leadership team (for our teen ministry) that we have ever had - they are taking it to a whole nutha level. This team, made up of the highest caliber people we can possibly find, is knocking it out of the ball park. They are passionate about youth and have the ability to connect with youth. For these people, it’s not a “stepping stone” to something else – they have found their niche.

This team consists of twelve people – eight teachers & four support - who are high capacity individuals who approach ministry with the highest level of sincerity and professionalism. They identify with our mission, are loyal and supportive. Each person is willing to take on a variety of roles, thereby adding dimension to the team. Every individual has proven their loyalty, demonstrates the right personality, shows natural leadership, possesses organizational ability, has the right gifting, and shows evidence of a genuine desire to serve God in this capacity.

I’ve got to give a shout-out to Renae Christian for putting together this amazing team. Real leadership is not about doing it all yourself, but “gathering” a team of loyal, dedicated “ministers” who carry out the work.

BTW, youth lock-in (last Sunday night) had 42 teenagers.