Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Memorable Moments at PCC in 2008

Looking back over 2008 I realize that a lot of amazing things happened at PCC – and we accomplished a lot together. The stories and testimonies of success are too numerous to list, but here are a few events that stand out:

1. The “pruning.” It was painful, but I am SO GLAD it happened. We are so much better off and more fruitful than we have ever been

2. Baptizing a whole lot of people

3. Adding a whole lot of new members into our membership

4. Graduating a whole lot of people from our 201 maturity seminar

5. Easter Weekend – over 1200 in attendance

6. Record-breaking attendances 3 times this year

7. Redesigning our web site

8. Launching the “Foundations” classes this summer

9. Getting a new youth overseer and restructuring the teen department.

10. Launching the mid-week children’s services.

11. Upgrading the lights in the sanctuary and buying a new church sign (both bought and paid for by generous donors through a special offering)

12. Dadfest on Father’s Day – when we had all those custom cars and motorcycles show up

13. Expanding our multi-media; filming testimonies, using a live-feed, etc.

14. Cardboard testimonies

15. Signs of Life Campaign – the sermon series and special offering. It has been a huge success so far!

It has been a remarkable year - the best ever.