Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two E-mails I Received Yesterday

I was in Wal-Mart & saw a lady that attends PCC. We talked for a few minutes & she mentioned that she had just talked to my daughter, who she had seen in the store. I told her that my daughter & I were there to buy groceries for a couple with 2 small children in the Pace area & then we went our separate ways.This lady kept looking for me & finally found me again in the back of the store & handed me $20.00 to put towards buying groceries for this family. I was very touched & humbled realizing that God is speaking to people’s hearts & they are obeying Him.

Dear Pastor,Just so you know, the last two posts to your blog have been ministering to me on a deep level. I've just recently made a decision to let some of that same kind of thing "roll off" instead of carrying it around. What is important is for you to know you have helped me tremendously by saying the words that God would have me hear at this particular time in my walk. He also used a sermon I heard in the car today to tie it all together... i.e., Mary didn't need to know what was coming when she birthed our Savior, only that it was God's will to use her. All she had was trust in God and knowing it was from Him. Why should I need more?Thank you for staying in His will for your life.
It matters to many, Pastor. Merry Christmas!

I receive e-mails like this almost daily. Then there are the tan cards that are turned in each week. And get this - a lot of people even write "thank you" notes on their tithing checks (in the memo section) or on the offering envelope! Pastor Gene shows these notes to me and some of them are really amazing.

I think God is up to something.

I think He is doing stuff too - especially in people.

What do you think?

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