Friday, January 2, 2009

Five Signs of a Lame Blogger

1. A lame blogger has ZERO original thoughts.

2. A lame blogger is insecure. They are always searching the internet to see if someone is talking about them or what they believe.

3. A lame blogger only reacts to what others are saying. They are always in attack mode, or react mode. Rather than posting their own thought-provoking insights and building up a base of readers on their own site, these people only respond to what others are saying.

4. A lame blogger is angry and jealous. It shows, oh boy, does it ever show.

5. A lame blogger is obsessive and can’t let go. It’s as if they hover out there, surfing around, just waiting to find something they don’t agree with, so they can swoop in and then talk about that. Their life seems to revolve around this stuff. For instance, when a person (who does not like me) perpetually visits my blog just to see if I have said something they don’t agree with, you know this person is sick.