Sunday, January 4, 2009

SNAC - Sunday Night After Church

We had good attendance toady. Second service was way up!

Lot's of visitors.

Several visiting families were investigating the teen and children's ministry, asking a lot of questions, and appeared to be pleased at what they saw and heard. I've got a feeling that these two ministry areas are about to experience another growth surge.

Our church is sitting on the edge of something big.

I think a lot of denominations have grown old and tired, if not dead. They’ve gotten so political and internally focused that they have missed God.

I think church should be the most crowded place in the community on Sunday mornings.

I believe church should be a place where people are challenged to take active steps in getting closer to God…. and NOT be a private country club for spiritual fat-cats, or the frozen chosen.

I’m glad Pace Community Church is the perfect place for people who aren’t.

In preaching, it’s important to practice “safe text.”

If the only goal of church leaders is to keep do-nothing Christians happy, then God probably isn’t.

If a church is going to be successful and fruitful, then it has to want the things God wants.

What does God want? Think about it….

Our staff and ministry team is the BEST we’ve ever had. They are unselfish and realize that church is not about them; it’s about others and their role is to serve others. They will do whatever it takes to make things happen.

This year (2009) is going to be the greatest and most challenging we have ever seen and I'm going to need God’s wisdom and direction every step of the way.... I covet your prayers.