Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Hits

  • Very cool day at PCC yesterday. Attendance was good, the music outstanding, and worship spontaneous.

  • I felt rested after being off two Sundays. Really enjoyed the energy in the house. Lot’s of clapping, laughing, and shouting. It was contagious.

  • There were a couple of times when I felt God’s heart deeply during the service.

  • Our church is healthier and stronger in all the vital areas than it was at this same time last year – attendance, giving, volunteers, unity, conversions, etc.

  • More than 50 people are currently signed up for the next 101 Seminar. Wow! A lot of people are ready to be baptized too. Come on warm weather.

  • Talked about predestination yesterday (in the first message from I Peter). It was a good thing to address this topic from the pulpit – it communicated to our congregation what our position is on the matter… more importantly, what the Bible teaches about it.

  • We are raising the bar at PCC. Plus, we have some ministry initiatives we plan to launch this year that I am really excited about.

  • I’m excited about what God is doing with PCC students and kids. Awesome things are happening.

  • I think by the end of this year our church will probably be running about 800 in attendance.

  • I love the craziness of pastoring PCC.

  • The first service yesterday was packed to suffocating capacity.

  • We have a possible candidate to start “signing” in the service for the deaf. I really hopes this works out.

  • Renae and I went over to a friends house yesterday for dinner. It was very relaxing – something we both needed. Renae fell asleep on their couch… something I would never do.

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