Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Friday 411

This Sunday's Message is “Kiss Your Old Life Goodbye” as we continue our series from I Peter. You’ll want to hear this for sure. We’ll learn how God expects us to live as believers in this present world. This series is meat for men.

We are working on an indoor solution for baptisms. We’ve got our eyes on purchasing a baptismal pool that we can set up inside the sanctuary. Thanks to our Signs of Life offering we are in a position to make this purchase now. This will be enormous for us – we’ll be able to have water baptisms on a regular basis, in a heated baptistery, indoors – and everyone will be able to join the celebration. Hey, we can even have music in the background.

It’s time to receive Communion again. We will do this before Easter on a Sunday morning. It will help us focus on Passover and the Resurrection of JC.

Easter will be a high attendance day for us this year. Get there early. We will be asking some of you who normally attend the first service to switch to the second service for that day.

I’m planning a series entitled “Why I Love My Church.” This series will depend heavily on testimonies (both scripted and unscripted) from members in our church family. These testimonies will be recorded on video and viewed in the morning service. The idea of telling stories is as old as the Bible itself, which is filled with accounts of God transforming lives. We want to use the “Why I Love My Church” series as modern illustrations of timeless truths found in the Bible – healing, forgiveness, restoration, etc, - all through the power of Christ. This series will be very powerful…. and could very well change our church forever.

Pace Community Church is going to explode this year!

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