Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflections of Starting PCC....

Almost eleven years ago Pace Community was born. Beginning in my living room we outlined the vision for our church to a group of seven people. Six weeks later we launched and held our first public service at Pace High School on Easter Sunday, 1998. Here are some highlights from those early days:
  • I can remember hauling everything we owned in a small 4x8 trailer back and forth to the school
  • I remember Renae providing music on a tiny, plastic keyboard. I played bass guitar. It was a two-instrument band
  • I remember our church not being able to afford an overheard projector, so each Friday Renae would go to the school library and check one out so it would be available for us on Sunday
  • I remember the blue, stackable, cafeteria chairs, of which every single one of them wobbled
  • I remember my first sermon that first Sunday, “God’s Power to Change Your Life.” I also remember that nobody had a Bible
  • The good news is 70 people showed up for that first service
  • I remember my father passing out candy to the little kids

Here it is eleven years later. We are strong, healthy, and still growing. We’ve had a good run.

To every PCCer out there – past, present, and future – thanks for being a part of the journey. God be glorified, because He has done great things.

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I am in the process of starting a congregation.