Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the Stories.... (Part 2)

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of “stories” in a church family, and how they paint a true picture of the operation of God. Last Sunday evening we hosted Seminar 101. Each time we offer this seminar we hand out a questionnaire asking people two questions:

1. What brought you to Pace Community Church?
2. Why did you come back?

Here are just a few of the responses:

What brought you to PCC?
  • Your evangelism.
  • I was invited.
  • Mom invited me to come.
  • My parents told us about PCC, so we tried it and loved it.
  • Because of your church's emphasis of reaching out into the community.
  • My cousin suggested PCC.
  • A friend invited me.
  • My aunt invited me.
  • I came with a friend.
  • The need to be closer to God.

Why did you come back?

  • We have enjoyed the messages, the music, and the overall friendly atmosphere. The small group we are in is an absolute blessing. We just feel like this church could be our church home and give us a chance to serve God.
  • My favorite part is how the scriptures are explained… not just read. I welcome the chance to understand the Word!
  • This church is just what we were looking for.
  • After we came for the first time, we just knew it was for us.
  • I think God kept telling me to keep going back to PCC.
  • I enjoy the friendship and fellowship of the members at PCC.
  • I found openness where I could worship freely.
  • The great kids program!
  • I enjoyed pastor Ron’s sermons… plus he’s an Army Ranger.
  • The people are friendly.
  • I heard the Word.
  • God led me here.

It should be pointed out that the #1 reason people come to PCC for the first time is because they are invited by someone who already attends. Not marketing, not advertising - but word-of-mouth. That speaks well of our church (i.e., our members love their church and can't wait to get their friends there), and it speaks well of our members (i.e., they are actively involved in the evangelism/outreach process). Wow!

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