Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Got to Give a Shout Out!

In addition to the normal weekly efforts of ALL our volunteers who do such an amazing job at PCC, some of them have recently taken it up a notch in our building and campus improvements. Without attempting to mention all the names, because I would surely leave someone out, I would like to give a shout out to…..
  • All those who have been mowing our grounds making them look so beautiful. It is inspiring to see people who take pride in their church and campus grounds. This brings honor to God when His people work so hard to make the place look so good. I really appreciate the attention to detail too.

  • Those who have improved Connors Park (our picnic area) over the winter by building the new picnic tables, a serving table, hauling away the old debris, and making the benches around the fire-pit. We will get plenty of good ministry use from this area because of your efforts and commitment to a standard of excellence in your craftsmanship.

  • The man who built and installed a new broom closet in our building. This was desperately needed, and it too was done to a standard of excellence.

  • The two teenage girls who repainted the walls in room 3, giving it a much needed facelift. They did this while on their spring break…. amazing.

  • Those who installed the acoustic panels and new stage lights in the sanctuary. It was a definite improvement and upgrade.

  • Those who come every single week to clean our santurary, clean all the chairs, the atrium, bathrooms, and kitchen, so that we can worship in a clean environment on the Lord’s Day.

  • The lady who personally orders and purchases the beautiful customized pens that are placed in the card holders.

All of you, as well as everyone else who labors tirelessly at PCC, exemplify what I was talking about in last Sunday’s message…. bringing honor to God by the way we do our jobs. You labor because of your conscience towards God, not for the praises of men. Your efforts are a major contribution to PCC and are noticed.

Let me leave you with that quote from Martin Luther I mentioned last Sunday...

“The maid who sweeps her kitchen is doing the will of God just as much as the monk who prays; not because she might sing a Christian hymn as she sweeps, but because God loves clean floors. The shoe cobbler does his Christian duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes because God is interested in good craftsmanship.” Martin Luther, 1546 AD

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