Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday - Holy Hangover

  • Okay. I am beat. Two services today – in storming, raining weather – and four more hours on stage teaching the 101 Seminar has got me worn out. I’m experiencing a holy hangover right now.

  • Attendance was good today, in spite of the miserable weather. About 480 in attendance – not too bad for a day when the weather was like Noah’s flood.

  • The morning message – We're in This Together – was timely and solidly Biblical. We talked about being “living stones” who “build up a spiritual house” and being called members in a “holy priesthood” unto God.

  • The CHURCH (that’s you, God’s people) is God’s PLAN for spreading the gospel in the earth. Jesus didn’t say He would build His 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, or build His man-made denominations. He said He would build His CHURCH. If you are a believer and you are not a participating member of a local church family, you are missing God’s will for your life.

  • Some forty people showed up for Seminar 101. There was a lot of excitement and buy-in tonight. After eleven years, I am still totally amazed how God brings people to PCC, and after sharing the vision/mission/strategy with them, they “get it.” Totally amazing.

  • I’ve got to say that our hospitality servants stepped up and took it to a whole-nutha-level tonight. I was impressed, as were our new members. You guys did an awesome job…. and I can’t tell you how humbled I am to serve with such great people. I am also very proud of you. I don't think anyone could do it better than you did tonight…. you raised the bar tonight. I appreciate your selfless sacrifice.

  • It was an UH-MAZING day today.

  • I’m glad PCC is made up of a lot of people who understand the difference between SERVICE and SERVE US.

  • Hundreds of names have been turned in for prayer – and we are praying for every one of them.

  • As I preached today I think I was bringing the heat!

  • Somebody turned in a card today saying they came to church because they met a couple in Wal-Mart (who attend PCC) and invited them. Wow! What’s not to like about that? Hey, when members of PCC are inviting people to church who they happened to meet in a Wal-Mart, then you know good things are happening!

  • What a day today.

  • Easter is just around the corner. Before Easter we will be receiving communion, having a church workday, and praying hard for the lost to find Christ.

  • I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks that I feel like I am drowning.

  • I’m loving daylight savings time.

  • We are stepping up our security measures in church right now. Once it is formalized and finalized, I will share with the congregation the measures we are taking.

  • In the seminar tonight a lady approached me and said, “I’m so thankful that my husband is now attending PCC. I prayed for him for years to come, and finally he came and has committed to Christ. Now he is here in this membership class.” I’ve got to say, this never gets old to me.

  • The Bible does not change your life if it you approach it academically. It is the APPLICATION of the Bible that changes your life. In other words, being a DOER of the Word.

  • This year we will be upgrading our weekend services. A lot of changes will be taking place. We plan to change the graphics on the wall behind the stage with a new theme monthly, or bi-monthly. More use of in-house video. We are also constructing sound-dampening panels to be mounted on the side and rear walls of the sanctuary to help create a better (studio) sound in the services. These panels will be decorative and come in two colors.

  • I’ve got my eyes open for a pastor of discipleship.

  • A GOOD THOUGHT FOR LEADERSHIP: A leading cause of self-doubt and stress is caused when I try to win the approval of people who don’t like me

  • It doesn’t matter how many people who DON'T buy into the vision. What does matter is how many that DO! Those are the people I work with.

  • Everyone is Someone who will spend eternity Somewhere.

  • THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You can rise through the ranks by sheer force of ability and personality…. regardless of what your education is, or regardless of what the organizational flow chart says. Just become a “get it done” kind of person, and you’ll get your promotion.

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