Friday, April 3, 2009

This Sunday.... Palm Sunday

This weekend we will celebrate Palm Sunday which leads us into the holiest week on the Christian calendar. We will be receiving communion this Sunday. The service will be designed to slow us down and help us reflect deeply on the price that was paid for our redemption. Please show up with a surrendered and grateful heart.

I cannot think of a better service that will better prepare you for the week that changed the course of history two thousand years ago.

Easter Sunday’s theme is “This is the Life He Offers.” I have not felt this much anticipation for an Easter service in a very long time.

In the middle of what continues to be rough waters for our nations economy and the American family, I am very proud and confident to proclaim the message of the gospel and the resurrection power that gives hope to anyone who humbles themselves before God asking for His help.

I trust you have been inviting your irreligious friends to be with you in service Easter Sunday. I believe that dozens of people will commit to Christ that day, and that 1000 people will experience the love of God.

It all begins this Sunday…. Palm Sunday…. the Passion of Christ.... Communion.


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