Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Do Children's Ministry - not Child Care

At PCC we invest a significant amount of time, effort, personnel, talent, and resources into creating meaningful worship and teaching experiences for our children. Even in the nursery, (where the babies only sleep, eat, soil, and cry), these children and their parents are prayed for and cared for by committed staff and volunteers.

We do not simply provide “child care” where you can just drop off your children without giving any thought or commitment to the program yourself. This is not a baby-sitting service for you, and our workers are not there to carry the entire load for you. We do ministry here. Ministry is important. It requires our BEST effort. This also means that, as a parent who enjoys the benefit of these ministries, YOU are expected to get involved too. You don’t get a free ride on this indefinitely. You don’t get to “eat for free” forever. At some point you have to pitch in, get involved, and get under the heavy end of the log. We EXPECT you to.

When you sign your kids up for soccer, cheerleaders, baseball, boy scouts, or girl scouts, those organizations REQUIRE participation from the parents…. and you give it! So it’s not a matter of whether or not you have the time, it’s a matter of what you are making time for, and have committed yourself to.

If the truth be known, you need to serve in our age-level ministries for YOUR OWN PERSONAL GROWTH and development more than the children’s ministry needs just another warm body to plug in somewhere. As you serve, you grow. This is a fact of scripture. Most of our spiritual growth comes when we give of ourselves sacrificially to others.

If you believe that our children’s MINISTRY is important, then pitch in, volunteer, financially support the church, give your tithe (10%) every single week, sign up for the rotation and then show up. But whatever you do, don’t believe it is babysitting service for you – because it’s not – and we’ll call you out on it.

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