Thursday, May 7, 2009

What We Believe About Children's Ministry

#1. It matters to us who is on our team.

We are looking for people who love to laugh, who have energy, who have a story of how Jesus changed their life and have a passion to tell that story to kids. We are looking for people who can teach a lesson to kids without boring them to death. We are not simply looking for warm bodies to plug in – we are looking for people who love children. We will not beg you to volunteer in the children’s ministry, nor will we attempt to coerce you to volunteer. Coerced volunteers do not genuinely care about kids and don’t last. We want people who care.

#2. It matters to us what we do (quality).

Great looking spaces are important to have. We strive to create a “kids environment” that is just for kids. We decorate the rooms with bright colors and Biblical themes, and put images on the wall at (their) eye level. More importantly, we strive to have a quality life-changing program for kids. It’s great to look good, but when it comes to children, God EXPECTS us to BE good. Children matter to God, and therefore they matter to us. Our children are too important for workers to show up UNPREPARED and just “winging it.” We will let you go for that. It’s inexcusable. We get an hour on Sunday, (one hour a week, that’s all), to present the gospel to children, and that hour deserves our best.

Quality matters.
Children are intelligent and discerning, and they know what they like. It is an insult to them, God, and our church, if we fail to do our very best.

#3. It matters what parents think.

The first question that parents usually ask their children at dismissal time is, “Did you have fun today?” The second question is, “What did you learn today?” The answer to these questions carries more weight with parents than many church leaders and workers realize. For the record, Cathy Denny and I realize this weight.

We need parents on our side. They are the number one spiritual influencers in their children’s lives. It is our job to partner with them, gain their confidence, and arm them with the tools to lead their children into a lasting relationship with Christ. Furthermore, by gaining the confidence of parents, we have a potential pool of future workers.

BTW, each week Cathy Denny (our children’s ministry director and children’s pastor) posts on her blog an entry entitled, “What Your Child Learned in Church Today.” This is a “for-the-record” report of what goes on each week. You may access her blog by using the link on the left side of my home page.

Let’s get started.

Working with children is not punishment. It is fun, strategic, important, and fulfilling. In fact, it is essential. Our current team of staff and workers finds fulfillment and joy from serving in this vital ministry. This ministry team represents some of the finest servants we have in our church. They realize they are changing lives for eternity.

If you want to be part of high quality ministry team that is involved in vital work, just contact Cathy Denny at

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