Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leadership Thoughts

  • It takes time to clean people up. Many churches don’t make them comfortable or accepted enough to hang around that long.

  • If we can create places where hell-bound people feel welcome, they will come and hang out… eventually meeting Christ.

  • It’s easier to get to heaven than it is into some churches.

  • Serving people and being a ‘people pleaser’ are two different things.

  • The more God does through you, the more critics will come after you. You have to be okay with that.

  • Fear of God is the best remedy to overcoming the fear of people.

  • Everybody wants to reach people until you actually start “reaching” people. It’s messy.

  • If your church is an Acts chapter 2 church, it should be 1/3 sinners, 1/3 new believers, and 1/3 maturing believers.

  • I know a lot of guys who love their theology or methods more than they love Jesus.

  • If you are not reaching people for Jesus and discipling them, we must have different Bibles.

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