Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Are Not a Federation of Sub Ministries

Pace Community Church is ONE UNIFIED BODY – not a federation of sub-ministries. We have one mission and one purpose statement. Our staff and volunteers are not a part of a particular ministry…. they are a part of PCC and serve our church ‘through’ that particular ministry. Each ministry does not need its own website – our main website should have all the content needed for all. Each ministry does not need its own advertising budget – our church’s outreach budget covers that effort for everyone. We are not building a house of multiple brand names…. We want to be ‘one brand.’

For instance, we could give all our ministries unique names - something cool and creative. I often see student ministries, children's ministries, and family ministries in other churches called things like, "Engage," or "Fuel" or, "Portico," or "Wamba Land," or "Up Street", etc. While that sounds creative, no one really knows what those names mean. On the other hand, if we say "PCC Students" or "PCC Kids," then everyone understands. I think it's better to choose clarity over cool. Besides, if every group carries an independent label it communicates that such a group is not really connected to the main church at large.

Another example would be our Small Groups. They are not independent little cogs who operate as separate entities, each with their own agenda, doctrinal position, or ministry philosophy. Rather, they come under the umbrella of our church and serve the mission of PCC.

The same is true of every ministry, group, staff member, or volunteer – all are an EXTENSION of PCC and exist to advance the mission of the church. No group or ministry is completely autonomous – meaning they are not be released to do their own thing, independent of supervision and accountability, or to form their own branding or mission. Groups and ministries within PCC are not permitted to use our church as a platform to advance ‘their’ cause. Instead PCC authorizes ministries to advance ITS cause.

This keeps us unified as a body of believers. It also prevents us from becoming a coalition of fragmented groups pulling in separate directions at the same time.

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