Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Night Mind Dump

  • What a day!

  • First of all, the power went out right after church this afternoon – and apparently affected half of Santa Rosa County. Electricity came back on at my house (which means the A/C came back on) about 7:00 PM tonight. I’m glad that ordeal is over. People in my neighborhood were starting up their generators. Reminded me of hurricane weather.

  • Now that we have electricity…. I can start posting on my blog.

  • Get this, yesterday evening (Saturday) about 6:00 PM I went to the church to turn on the A/Cs so the building would be cool Sunday morning. As I drove around the back of the building there was a car parked out there that I did not recognize... As I got closer I noticed a flurry of activity in the (backseat) of the car. Yea, you can guess – they were lovers having a rendezvous at our church! This naked guy jumps from the back seat to the front seat, (the woman by now is cowering in the backseat trying to cover up), and he cranks the car up, scratches off, and drives out of the church as naked as a jay bird! And this was in broad daylight… AND this is the SECOND time I have caught a couple of lovers behind our church building! I mean, if it’s not an A/C thief, it’s ‘lovers lane’ back there. What’s the deal?

  • Church was good today. Attendance was modest, giving was very good, the music was moving, and the sound mix exceptional.

  • I enjoyed the opportunity to teach on the ‘role of pastors.’ I love the ministry and like talking about it. I think a lot of people found this topic to be insightful because it opened a window into a world that many are curious about. While the message was not exhaustive, it was nevertheless solid and Biblically sound. Portions of the message were ‘heart felt’ on my part as I talked about my future at PCC…. and I meant every word of it.

  • One person turned in a card which read, “I needed this sermon today.”

  • You may remember me mentioning this morning that ‘effective leadership is essential for churches.’ Without it congregations will be hurt, damaged, and the sheep will scatter. Ironically, I found out this afternoon a pastor I know had to RESIGN his church because of having an AFFAIR. This man leads a church of about 1000 people in GA, is married, and has two small children, (elementary age). He entered into an emotional and physical relationship with his personal assistant that lasted about six weeks. I cannot tell you how damaging this incident is going be to the flock of God in this church…. or how sad I am over the whole sordid affair.

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