Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Authenticity - Being True to Oneself

One of the core values at PCC is: Believers should be authentic and transparent, while yearning for continuous growth.

This core value means that we should not pretend to be someone other than who God made us to be, and that we should be open enough to admit to others that we don’t always get it right. It’s good to celebrate our home runs, but it’s also okay to admit we strike out sometimes too.

That’s why I like Pace Community Church. I am free to be myself. For example, I don’t have to impart wisdom with the four-syllable eloquence of Bill Hybles, or the witty one-liner wisdom of Rick Warren. I don’t have to be an academic, so I will not attempt to talk like John Calvin - doing so will only make me look silly. Besides, I am quite capable looking silly without adding pretense and hypocrisy to my list of offenses. I can only be who I am and will continue to strive to become who God wants me to be.

If PCC is your church family, you are free to be real.

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Donna Kramer said...

AMEN, Pastor Ron!