Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday's Message - Wounded by Those You Love

Dear Pace Community Church Friends,

Life is filled with personal hardships. But the most painful hardships are those that are inflicted on us by the people we love; a spouse who says they want out of the marriage, a child who breaks your heart, a friend who sues you in court, or a companion who betrays your secrets to others. These are painful experiences, and the deeper your love for the person the deeper the pain for you.

This Sunday’s message is entitled WOUNDED BY THOSE YOU LOVE as we continue our series "In the Heat of the Desert" based upon the book of Numbers. If you have ever faced this kind of pain – and we all have – then please be in God’s House this weekend. We will look at a remarkable story in God’s Word and learn life-changing principles that we can apply to our own lives. This Sunday could be the beginning of a healing journey for you.

Please invite everyone you know, and personally bring as many as you can to the services with you this weekend. I will be teaching, the music will be fantastic, and the people friendly. Most important of all, God will be present.

See you Sunday!

Arrive early for a good cup of coffee.

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