Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • CRAZY doesn’t even begin to describe today. It was just crazy!!!

  • Summer is winding down, summer travel is almost over, and our attendance is going to see a significant upswing soon.

  • I’ve got to say… a lot of people in our church family have some major issues going on in their lives right now. These are issues that potentially threaten their marriages and their commitment to God. I feel overwhelmed.

  • Worship was good. Music was good.

  • The message was a strong Word – “The Least of These My Brethren”

  • My favorite quote of the day: “God has called us to catch fish and feed the sheep… not corral goats.” It was a real groaner.

  • My second favorite quote of the day: “It takes five times more energy to reactivate an inactive, disgruntled, or carnal church member than it does to reach people who are spiritually receptive.”

  • If you have friends who are lost, who are in pain, who could benefit from the love of God…. THEN DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THEM TO CHURCH WITH YOU!

  • Is there any other church in our area who has more formerly messed up people who have been delivered by the power of God than we do? I don’t know. But the stories I hear are amazing! I’m glad God is using the ministries of PCC in this way.

  • There are some good comments on Facebook about today’s church service.

  • I think we’ve got some major Mojo going on at PCC.

  • Have you recently sat down and had deep thought about how blessed you are? If you haven’t, please do so. It puts everything back in perspective.

  • I have read a couple of very good books this summer which have really challenged me.

  • Who are all these new people at PCC. Seriously, it feels like a we are a brand new church in many ways. I think this is a good thing.

  • I love the diversity in our church. By no means are we perfect, but I do feel like we are a group of people who are trying to do the Christian life the best we know how…. and we’re doing it together. To me, that counts for something.

  • A good season of ministry is just around the corner for PCC. This fall is simply going to be amazing!

  • I anticipate a very active week of blogging. Check back each day.

  • Tomorrow I will be posting a blog entitled, "The Ethics of Receiving Church Members from Other Churches." It's a follow up to Friday's post.

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