Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Taught from Isaiah 58 today – “God’s Chosen Fast.” This chapter is one of two Towering Landmarks in God’s Word that describes what He expects from His people; specifically helping the underprivileged. Matthew 25 is the other.

  • Over the summer I have taught on: Confronting Casual Christianity…. Confronting Consumer Christianity…. God is For You….. Jesus Announces His Ministry Agenda…. The Greatest Commandment…. Who is My Neighbor?…. The Least of These My Brethren…. and today, God’s Chosen Fast.

  • These messages have been a CALL for the church to BE the church. It’s not enough that we come to church and enjoy our services. We have to open our eyes to the disenfranchised in our community and do something about it. We have to live it 24/7.

  • The local church is still the hope of the world.

  • I think this idea has taken hold in our congregation and has began to exert its influence upon people’s perception of Christianity; it’s not about us – we are expected to serve others.

  • Quote of the day: “All of us have an idea of what we would like for God to do for us. But have you ever thought about what God wants YOU to do FOR HIM?”

  • This series of messages has THINNED the ranks. I’m okay with that. Remember the crowds that followed Jesus for the loaves & fishes (only) and He challenged them on their motives? Many of His disciples turned back. And some church people in Santa Rosa County will never grow up.

  • We have created a climate in PCC this summer that no one is coming to church unless they want a full dose of God.

  • There is nothing like the local church when it is working right.

  • When you read through the book of Acts, you see a body of believers that was serious about GATHERING together… and those meetings were not dry and boring. You get the sense that they were doing more than just praying for better jobs and getting a passing grade in Algebra. They were praying for BOLDNESS and opportunities to spread the gospel.

  • The early church was characterized by bold preaching, bold witnessing, bold prayers, and bold responses to that preaching. Let it be so at PCC.

  • I’m looking for God to do great things.

  • God usually does some of His greatest works THROUGH people who are TOTALLY YEILDED to Him.

  • Leadership thought of the day: We are evaluating our ministries; the bottom performers will be discontinued and the top performers will be improved and duplicated.

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