Friday, August 7, 2009

This Sunday's Message - God's Chosen Fast

This is a message about the futility of religious activities producing spirituality. We will learn how God's people pretended to be devout - even by acceptable practices such as prayer, fasting, and humilty - and yet it availed them nothing. They had to learn that observing liturgies by the letter of the Law was not acceptable to God. Their outward performance of religiousity actually offended God.

To that end, God told them what a true fast really was. This is an EYE OPENER.

You will want to BRING YOUR BIBLE for this messgae. Bring a high lighter or colored pencil too, because you will want to mark this passage in your Bible. It is another TOWERING LANDMARK in God's Word that shows us what He expects of His followers.

I think PCC is on the verge of a major spiritual breakthrough.

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