Friday, September 18, 2009

ACLU - Please Leave Our Community!

How many lawsuits can one organization file? The ACLU appears to be nothing more than money making machine that constantly ties up the courts and the legal system to further its agenda of anti-American views. How can they possibly justify defending causes and organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) which is nothing more than a haven for pedophiles. This same organization fights against nativity scenes during the Christmas season, and often targets the Boy Scouts of America with their perverted agenda. Nothing seems to be off limits for these nuts. They are anti-Christmas, anti-Christ, pro-choice, and pro-pedophile. This defies all logic.

Now that they have lost their landmark case against Frank Lay and Robert Freeman, it is time for the good people of Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties to tell these people that their presence is no longer necessary in our area. Furthermore, we don’t want them here. We have the right to tell them so and it is important that we do so. They should be shunned at every opportunity. If allowed to continue, they will push our community into more meaningless chaos.

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barbara slate said...

Hey Ronnie, You are so right that we should tell the ACLU to leave our county. And we will have a chance to do that in Dec. The Liberty Counsel will go back to court and argue the 1st amendment.So that the decree that they were made to sign will be abolished. Until then the ACLU hangs over us. When that comes up EVERYONE should be there.Lets be again, one nation under God... Thanks for the soap box...Barb