Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump

  • Another good day at Pace Community Church! Total attendance was 490, with the second service looking better than ever. I am really enjoying all the new people that seem to be arriving each Sunday, and especially like seeing the teenagers on the front row. Man, I eat that up. It makes an old man like me feel like I still have some ‘relevance’ left in me.

  • About 10 people have signed up for water baptism, and 30 for Seminar 101.

  • I thought the song service was good today. I especially enjoyed the song “Will You Worship?” Chris Peacock did an excellent job leading the solo part on this song too.

  • God was in the place.

  • Today’s message was part six of our series “In the Heat of the Desert.” We looked at the sin Moses committed in his anger and what it cost him. He was virtually on the last lap of a forty-year journey when he was disqualified from going into the Promised Land. That’s serious business. The sin of Moses was NOT that he got angry, but that he disobeyed God in his state of anger.

  • I could tell that God was really doing some ‘heart surgery’ today.

  • We will go about two more weeks in this series. Next week we’ll be looking at the story of the plague of fiery serpents that attacked the congregation of Israel because of their complaining. The week after that we will look at something called the principle of the path, which simply means that the direction you are walking, not your intentions, determines your destination. Oh man, this one will be ‘meat for men.’

  • Next message series: Future Shock – a look at end time events. i.e, the Rapture of the church, the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth, the Battle of Armageddon, etc.

  • The TEENAGERS are beginning a new SURVIVOR SERIES soon. It will be lots of fun for them. Most importantly, they are breaking down into small groups and working on ministry objectives together. That’s what discipleship is all about. There is some serious momentum with the youth department right now – the last two Wednesday nights has seen more than sixty kids show up. Wow!

  • Did you notice the new backdrop on the stage? Gene Tharp designed it. Looked good.

  • THIS TUESDAY NIGHT is an OPEN INVITATION to anyone who would like to sit in on a session of FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY. The lesson is on DUMPING DEBT and is very high-energy. You’ll need to carve out two hours. Starts at 6:30 PM, and the meeting takes place at the church. Just show up.


Ray Collins said...

Still wondering how and why God puts you in certain places at that precise time?

Jewel K. Christian said...

My Bible study group is very interested in Prophecy. We are looking forward to your Bible series on Future Shock...the End Times. Our Bible study for our 2010Spring series is going to be on the Book of Revalation.