Monday, September 21, 2009

Giving God the Final 10%

When it comes to giving tithes and offerings, I enjoy giving God the first 10% of my income right off the top. From time to time I’ll even give a little more; what you would call a sacrificial offering.

But when it comes to LIVING, I’ve noticed that God seems to bless the final 10% more than the first 90%. Let me explain…

In many areas of my life I tend to give God 90% of my best. Once I’ve done that much it is easy to rationalize that I have done a pretty good job of living for God. I’ve given a solid effort. That should be enough, right?

But giving God 90% of my best still falls short. It means I have shut Him out of a certain area of my life. Even 90% dedication is still 10% short of serving God with “all” my heart.

I think God is best glorified when we give Him the final 10%.

(Thanks CG for the thought)

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Ron,
You are right on with what you say. Just this week I was praying with a friend and said you know what my main fear in life is. It is if someone had a gun pointed at my husbands or sons would I be a Peter or would I stand up for Christ. I want to always stand up for him. I sure pray for that daily.