Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Recover When a Key Leader Goes Rogue

In a church context, rouge can be defined as someone who captures a severe case of mission-drift and is no longer loyal. The first thing to do is determine how far the damage has spread. Then quickly cut your losses. Here’s how:

1. Get the leader out of the line-of-influence as quickly as possible. Rouge leaders will usually want to say a final word to their group. Don’t let it happen. That final word is usually, “Come with me.”

2. Lead, lead, lead. Don’t leave the group without leadership. Provide decisive leadership to the church at large as well. Most groups of people want to stay under the umbrella of authority in their church; they want to be led. But if the pastor (or another trusted leader) is unwilling to step in and provide decisive leadership in this moment of crisis, the people will follow the rogue leader.

3. Get involved. Don’t turn your head, run away, or act like nothing has happened. Wade in as deep as you have to go and deal with it. People will appreciate it.

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