Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Mind Dump....

  • Another Good Day at Pace Community Church!

  • There seems to be a new buzz in the air about our church right now – people are coming from far and wide to find a church home among us.

  • Our total attendance was 507. It was good to see the first service jammed to capacity, and the second service was way up too. We aren’t doing anything differently than we normally do, so it leaves me wondering where all these people are coming from. It must be a God-thing.

  • Today’s message was “Korah – Rebel Without a Cause.” I wished I had entitled it “The Ruin of Rebellion” instead. Either way it worked. It was a strong word and had a great impact on a large number of people. I love it when I feel the authority of God’s Word bearing down on me. It’s like a yoke that helps keep me on the straight and narrow way.

  • One lady attended the first service, and was so moved by the content of the message that she came back again to attend the second service; but this time she brought her son with her because she said her son needed to hear it too!

  • Another couple met me at the doors (after first service) and told me how blown away they were today. He specifically mentioned the message by saying he never realized how much “background” was involved in Korah’s rebellion. Presenting the context made it all come alive for him.

  • I met nine new people today… about half of them told me how much healing they are experiencing within the PCC family. They also mentioned how encouraged they are; now having hope for impossible situations in their lives. THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!

  • The sign up sheet for Seminar 101 is filling up fast; about 30 people on the list right now. About 7-10 signed up for water baptism today too.

  • Several people today indicated they were committing their lives to Christ. It is amazing to see how God can take His Word (when preached) and use it in so many different ways.

  • I attended a small group last night. Had a lot of fun. We’ve got some great people in PCC right now doing some great things. I love the fellowship and sense of community I experience among them.

  • Right now is a good time to succeed at getting your friends and family members to church. God is moving and there is a certain momentum I’m feeling right now. It’s almost like riding the crest of a wave. DON’T MISS THIS MOMENT.

  • I heard that Florida State lost their game yesterday. Is that true?

  • The Children’s Ministry and Pre-School Ministry have gotten off to a good start under new leadership. Way to go Christy K. and Richelle W.

  • I love seeing the teenagers and young people sitting on the front row – I’m eating it up.

  • Got a TON of work to do this week.

  • UPCOMING EVENTS: Seminar 101… Communion…. Baptism… Baby Dedication… Survivor Series (for the teenager)… Volunteer Appreciation Banquet…

  • NEXT MESSAGE SERIES: “Future Shock” about end-time events.

  • We have a lot of hurting people in our church right now. I hate that for them, but I believe we can be there for them too.

  • I love attending a church where God is moving.

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Cathy said...

AMEN! God is moving in so many lives in pretty amazing ways! Church was awesome today - good worship and a good word! Britt's visiting friend 'was stoked' after attending and desires to start attending on a regular basis. Yes, this is all a "God-thing!"