Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Church Hopper

You were in church with us last Sunday in the second service. As the band was playing and the singers were leading in worship, you snatched up your Bible and rudely walked out… making yourself noticed. You didn’t last ten minutes in the service before you stomped out. What gives? I have thought about this and have come to some conclusions:

1. There is nothing that was done or said by any of us that could have possibly offended you. Nothing.

2. Unless you received an emergency phone call that prompted you to leave, your departure must have been because of a dislike for us. I guess we were not the flavor you were looking for.

3. Instead of being polite and remain in service with us, (and worshipping God yourself), you chose to leave and be "seen” doing so. That speaks volumes about you.

4. Our church did nothing to you except be nice and warmly receive you. The greeters, the ushers, the hospitality team, and the good members of PCC virtually rolled out the red carpet for you. Yet you rejected us and gave us a slap across the face by your actions. You were rude and hurt the feelings of some of our people.

5. By the way you were dressed and the fact that you were carrying a Bible, I presume that you are a church-going person. So, why weren’t you in your own church last Sunday? Have you left it, and if so, why did you leave? Did they not “measure up” to your standards? How many churches have you been to recently? Why are you so easily discontented? Apparently it is easy for you to find problems with the church’s you visit. If that accurately describes you, you are nothing more than a church hopping church shopper who treats the Body of Christ like a menu item on a buffet line. Shame on you!

6. For the record, I would rather have an unlearned sinner attend our church (who is genuinely seeking God and probably doesn’t even own a Bible) than to have a professional Bible-toting church member with the kind of attitude you have. Lost people are curable, self righteousness almost is not.

I know 499 other people who do not share your opinion, and I am glad you left. With such a chip on your shoulder, you would have only caused trouble for us if you had stayed. My only regret is that I was not standing by the door when you walked out, because if I had been nearby I would have opened it and held it for you…..

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